Saturday, December 31, 2011

Toy Story 3 Review

My nephew bought this game for my son age 3 1/2 for Christmas.
It was not my first choice as, even though my son loves Toy Story, the game trailer did not grab me.  Well as it turns out I've never been so glad not to get my first choice before.
This Game is Awesome !! 
I totally understand why my kids have been glued to this game, it is great fun, thoroughly engaging and I don't think you could get bored of it even if you tried to and of course it’s educational too.

You start in “Mission Mode”, which is like an old school board game. There are several boards you need to work your way through that are different areas in Sunnyside day-care just like in the movie these boards are :
  • The Caterpillar room Art Corner
  • The playground Sand Tray
  • The Butterfly room
  • The Caterpillar room Cubbies
  • The Playground jungle gym

Instead of rolling dice, to move around the board, you have to pick a card and sound out the word on it. Depending on how many sounds are in the word this is how many spaces you get to move. While travelling around the board you have to watch out for trap squares as if you land on one you  have to go back 2 spaces.

On your way around the board you will also have to complete tasks called “gadgets” the gadgets are:
  • Rhyming Rex - you have to help Rex to find his tail which has been hidden under 1 of 3 buckets. In order to pick the correct bucket you have to choose the word that rhymes with the one being shown.
  • Alphabet Box – you have to choose 1 of 3 coloured keys, turn it in the toy box lock , then you are asked to circle a toy in the box that starts with the letter shown.
  • Bookshelf – You have to manoeuvre a claw to pick up  books and arrange them in the correct order on the shelf
  • Buzz Canon – you have to set the angle and the power of the canon to fire buzz into the box of toys
  • Coin Maze – you have to select the correct pipe to drop a coin into that will guide it in to Ham (aka Evil DR Pork Chop!!) 
  • Alphabet Path – you have to draw a line to connect the letters in the word shown
  • Electric Trace – You have to help fix a broken toy by repairing a circuit board. You do this by drawing lines with you stylus where there are gaps in the wires.
  • Magnet Maze – you have to get a ball to the end of the maze, which has been blocked by magnets, you have to place other magnets in the marked spaces which will either attract or repel the magnet blocking the way depending on which way around you place the magnet in the space.  you have to choose correctly to get the ball past.
  • Roller Sling – you need to get Woody, in his roller skate car, to the top of a block ramp and to stop there, you do this by pulling back the elastic sling and then letting it go in order to propel him forward.
  • Spot the difference – you have to spot the 5 differences in the pictures before the time runs out
  • Search – you have to find an object in the picture on the screen

You also are given a chance to take a short-cut across the game board,  But only if you can complete the task correctly. The 2 tasks are:
  • Alien Tap – you have to tap your stylus on the alien who raises his arms, you need to tap enough aliens to fill up a bar, before your time runs out.
  • Crank – you have to touch the handle and turn it in a circle as fast as you can to fill up a bar before your time runs out.

Everything I have mentioned above adjusts in difficulty depending on who is  playing.  The game uses 3 of things to decide how hard to make the game
  • The grade level your profile is set to
  • Any “Mile Stones” you have already reached playing other games
  • If you are getting every task correct on you first try

You also collect mission cards while going around the board. These cards open up the other game modes :

Spelling mode – which is a two player game that you play on your choice of mission boards. You can play against a friend or the LeapPad, and you get to choose to be Woody or Buzz. The game play is the same as in mission mode as regards to moving around the board. The difference in spelling mode is you have to collect letters as you go. The winner is decided by who collects their letters first and arranges them correctly to spell the word you have been asked for.

Gadget mode -  you get to play you favourite Gadgets as much as you like
During the game you win badges. These badges are converted into tokens so you can redeem the micromods  in the Connect software.

Unfortunately I have not been able to test the micromods  as of yet as Leapfrog has disabled this function until after their holidays when ever that is.

The micromods available for Toy Story 3 are :
Scored versions of  -  Alien Tap , Buzz Cannon and Spot the difference.
And new backgrounds for your game

In conclusion
I think  they need to change the age rating to “All” ages, as I have had as much fun testing the game as my kids have had playing it.

I have to say the this game is well worth the R199 it costs from as it will most definitely be a hit with your kids even if they are not Toy Story fans and will be played until the cartridge disintegrates from over use. 

Oops, I almost forgot to tell you. There is a built-in Help option so if your child gets stuck, that explains - in a very easy to understand way - how to complete the task at hand.   Also  in the  Game instructions, that come in the box, it gives you suggestions as to how you can expand the learning experience with your child away from the LeapPad. 

What LeapFrog Says Game Trailer and info

Friday, December 30, 2011

Free eBook

The eBook of Super Awesome Stuff

Free download code :



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Customize curriculum

Some LeapFrog Explorer games allow you to customize the curriculum by entering your child’s own spelling list or focusing the game on particular math problems.

These games are:

Spelling Games:

Wolverine and the X-Men
Disney Tangled
SpongeBob SquarePants Clam Prix

Math Games:

Disney Fairies Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
NFL Rush Zone

You can customize the curriculum for these games in the LeapFrog Connect software, connecting the LeapPad to the computer, going into your LeapPad profile and selecting “Skill Selector” from the left side navigation bar.

NOTE: You need to have played the game at least once before your game will show up in the skill selector menu. The pic of the game will show in color once you do this and only then can you create custom  curriculum 

Once you have created custom curriculum  you need to sync you LeapPad so it will be saved on to the device.

The custom curriculum you have made will show up in your child's app library

re-set the curricular level

LeapPad has several ways of determining the right curricular level for your child. 

It starts by looking at the child’s selected grade and uses that to determine what level is most appropriate. 

The games do not cover all possible curricular levels, so if your child’s grade is above or below the range covered in a game the game will default to the closest level available. 

Once the child starts playing,  auto-level of the curriculum based on how well the child is doing. If the child answers correctly several times in a row, the game will automatically move up to the next curricular level. Similarly, answering several questions incorrectly can move the child down to an easier level.

If the game has appropriate curriculum for your child, but is consistently asking questions that are too hard or easy, you may be able to adjust this by changing the grade level in the child’s profile on the device. Check the grade level associated with the child’s profile to make sure it is appropriate. NOTE - This setting is unfortunately accessible to the child and should therefore be regularly checked to ensure they have not inadvertently changed it to an inappropriate level. If it is too high or low, this can be adjusted in the “About Me” screen or from the Manage Profiles option on the Parent Settings menu. If the grade level is correct, try moving it up or down a level anyway, as not all school districts teach the same curriculum at the same time.

Once your child has started a game and answered some questions, the game will store curricular progress, so changing the grade level may not affect a game that is already in progress. If the game has an option to start a New Game or Continue an existing game, try starting a new game after you have corrected your child’s grade. This will clear the curricular progress that has already been saved for that game, and should enable the game to start at the correct level for your child. However, your child will lose all progress in the game.

In some cases, our content includes curricular milestones that are shared between titles. If your child achieved a milestone in one game, other games with the same curriculum may start at that milestone level. If you believe your child triggered a milestone in error (e.g. an older player has advanced through curriculum while using your child’s account) you can clear these milestones from the Manage Profiles option on the Parent Settings menu. 

Manage Profiles listed above> On the Manage Profiles page, tap the button with a graduation cap, then tap the green checkmark button to confirm. This button will only appear if your child has earned curricular milestones, so if you do not see a graduation cap button next to the trash button under your child’s profile, this means there is no milestone data for the profile.

Monday, December 26, 2011

I Hope you all had a great day with your Family and Friends yesterday.

My kids where very lucky and revived Toy Story 3 and  Tinkerbell and the lost treasurer for Christmas.

I will be writing a review's for these games as soon as i can get near there LeapPads to try them out.

If your kids revived games for Christmas please share your review's of the games in the comments section under that game for other parents to see.

If you need any help and you can not find the answer,  post your questions in the comments box of this post and i will do my best to help.

Thanks .. Emma

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just for Fun

These apps cost 10 LF Dollers - Aprox R86


Kidz Bop Greatest Hits 

  1. All Star
  2. Bad Day
  3. Get the Party Started
  4. Hey There Delilah
  5. Let's Get it Started
  6. Pocketful of Sunshine
  7. Since U Been Gone
  8. Sk8ter Boi
  9. The Sweet Escape
  10. Umbrella
  11. Hey Ya!

How to fix a non-responsive touch screen.

My heart stopped this morning. My daughter turned on her LeapPad and the touch screen was totally non responsive!

Thankfully, it turns out, this is a very easy fix.

Try this first :Turn off the LeapPad, make sure your screen is clean and pay careful attention to the small gap around the edge, where it meets the body of the LeapPad.

All it takes is a small crumb to become lodged there and it will freeze the touch screen, I used a slim toothpick to gently remove a crumb of Oatee from my daughter's LeapPad this morning.

Once your happy everything is clean and free of any crumbs turn The LeapPad on your screen should be working again.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review of Pet Pals: Dog Show Detectives Ultra eBook Adventure Builder

Recommended age : 4 - 7 years 

This is one of the 3 Ultra eBooks currently available in the South African App Center. It costs 20 LF dollars.  (Download-cards-mystery-solved
(R172 if you buy your download cards from
Sounds like a lot for an eBook but this is not just any eBook this really lives up to the name, "Ultra" !

Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to buy games from the app center

Have you:
  • Got your connect software installed?
  • Set up your parent account?
  • Created you children's profiles?
If not, go to LeapPad set up guide. first. 

You will need your 16 digit download-card code or bonus code at hand. 
If you need to buy cards, you can buy them from - use the quick links at the left side of the page.You can request that they email you the code so you don't have to pay or hang around for shipping.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Download card's Mystery solved

I am very sure I have not been the only parent trying to get to grips with the exact value of the Leapfrog download cards. As we fall in to the "Other Countries" heading in the App Center, and the cards being sold in the shops have no displayed value, it can be hard to gauge exactly what you will be getting for your Buck.

Thanks to the amazing staff at Take a lot .com  I can now answer this question.

The Download card,  that looks like this, is worth 20 LeapFrog Dollers. So you will need 1 of these to download an Ultra eBook for example. Or you can buy a few cheaper  apps. 

That is the best price I have found in SA.
(They have stock right now and if you ask nicely they will email you the code so you don't have to wait)

Review of LeapPads Sugar Bugs App

Sugar Bugs is one of the apps on the list for your free download when you first set up your LeapPad.

It is also available,to buy, in the SA app store. 

I chose this app for my 5 year old daughter, and she loves this game. 

The Aim of the game is to use the correct tools in the correct way and in the correct order to clean each mouth's teeth before the music ends (approx 2 mins the correct length of time you should spend cleaning your teeth) 

The game starts off very simply with only a few stains and a toothbrush, each level increases in difficulty and amount of tools needed to clean the mouth until you have use of all five tools.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SA App Center Content Update.

As I have said before I was a little disappointed with the SA apps Center limited range of content.

Basically Non of the Disney or Pixar apps i was hoping for when i bought LeapPads for my kids.

I subsequently have been in contact with the powers that be at LeapFrog,  and discovered that the reason we currently do not have the full range of apps available in South Africa is due to international licencing issues.

These issues are being addressed and hopefully with be resolved next year (2012).

I will keep you updated on this matter.

While we wait for this issue to be resolved you can buy imported Download Cards, I would Suggest US cards as they are the only country  that has all the apps in there center.

See Best buy on app center download cards. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Best Buy on App center Download Cards in SA.

Download Center Cards 

Being able to download apps and games was one of the big selling points for me when deciding to buy  LeapPads for my kids. 

Since the download cards are cheaper than the cartridge games and you can put downloaded apps on 2 LeapPads at once,  for me it made a whole lot of sense, as I have 2 kids and 2 LeapPads and really don't want to deal with fighting over who gets to play what game. 

As I mentioned in My review of the LeapPad, I was disappointed finding out that,  living in South Africa, my choice of downloadable apps and games was limited and that if I wanted to access the full range of downloads I would have to source imported download cards. 

Well thanks to Take a lot .com a not so little South African online store I can get the imported cards at a very reasonably price. 

US imports 

$20 Card is going for R277 

The Penguins of Madagascar: Operation Plushy Rescue


Learn addition, more than/less than, problem solving and animal facts as you build your karate skills and avoid Zookeeper Alice!

  • Use mathematics skills to earn tokens that help you uncover secret Penguins vacation photos. 
  • Develop your logic skills by assembling tricky puzzles to overcome gorilla-sized obstacles. 
  • Learn facts about endangered animals and listen to the sounds they make. 
  • Teaches addition, subtraction, animal science and logic and reasoning skills. Appropriate for children ages 4 to 7 years (grades pre-K to 1).


Children learn to add, sometimes with objects, and sometimes with symbolic equations such as 4 + 3 = __.


Children learn to subtract quantities from each other - with objects or symbols such 
as 4 - 3 = __.

Animal facts

Even very young children can begin to categorize animals by species, imitate their sounds and learn interesting facts about them.

Logic and reasoning skills

Logic and reasoning skills begin to develop at an early age and are used to solve problems and draw conclusions.

The best price I've found this game for in SA is R216 Penguins of Madagascar -

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Connecting your LeapPad to more than 1 computer.

You will need to download the LeapFrog Connect application to all computers you want to connect your LeapPad to

In order to access your child's Leaplets, rewards, and Learning Path info, you will need to sign in using the same LeapFrog Parent Account on each computer.

To change the LeapFrog Parent Account associated with your handheld:

- Click the "Parent Account" tab in the top navigation.

- Click Set Up My LeapFrog Account.

- Log in with the email address and password that redeemed the Leaplet, and then indicate who plays with each player name on the handheld.

How to remove apps to free up space

If you want to add new content to your LeapPad but you’re running out of space, remove some apps to make room. Here’s how:

1. On the LeapFrog Connect home screen, choose a player name to enter the LeapPad view.
2. Click the On This LeapPad tab.

3. Uncheck the box next to the apps you want to remove.
4. Then turn on your device and connect it to the computer with the included USB cable. Once your device has finished syncing (you will see “Sync complete” at the top of your screen), eject and unplug the USB cable.


Micromods let your child change or enhance there favorite Leapster LeapPad games.

Micromods include new game music, character clothing, game modes, special moves, etc. 

Your child can exchange his/her LeapWorld tokens for micromods in the LeapWorld store.

LeapWorld can be found when using the LeapFrog Connect Application.

"Sneak peeks" = Nagging kids

What i am about to tell you, will save you from nagging and or disappointed children. 

When you revive your LeapPad there is a icon named "Sneak peeks" located dead center of the main menu screen.  
Your child will find this ! and when launched it will display a list of game and app trailers that your child can view. 

I have a sneaky suspicion that a good chunk of that first update download is a whole bunch of new up to date ad's to incite our kids into nagging us in till we get the new game they have just seen. 

Apart from the nagging us parents dread, there is another reason South African Parents will want to disable this feature as soon as you get the LeapPad, several of the trailers are for content we can not access in SA like the Disney Cinderella Ultra eBook 

Which my 5 year old daughter now wants "Soooooooooooo much".

I only found out after my daughter watched the "Sneak peeks" that they could be disabled after doing a Google it.  

All you need to do is access the  Parent Settings and turn off the "Sneak peeks"

More LeapPad Reviews From SA

I dug around the web and found a couple more Reviews on the LeapPad form some fellow South Africans. 

Connect yourself

Friday, December 9, 2011

LeapPad Accessories

Most cool toys have some added accessories and the LeapPad is no exception.  

You can get Gel skins to further protect them from bumps and scratches

 Best price I have found. These go for R80
at Take a lot .com

You can also get handy carrying cases to hold your LeapPad , 6 game cartridges and an extra stylus.

 Best price I have found. These go for  R160
at Take a lot .com

Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Review of the LeapPad

Like many parents,  I could not wait to get my hands on a LeapPad for my children. 

The list of impressive features including; 5" full colour touch screen, built in camera and video recorder and the promise of 100's of apps and game cartridges available, featuring our kids' most loved characters, was a slam dunk.

Even with a hefty price tag of R1o95 to R1500 -depending where you look- the LeapPad, in my opinion, is worth it. 

My first impression, when i managed to get it out of the box - no easy task!
 I will tell you. 
 I am impressed with  how well-built the LeapPad is. It feels sturdy in your hands, not cheap and plasticy like so many of today's toys.  Sturdy, not indestructible - this will not survive a beating- but will handle everyday  bumps with ease.
(my daughter has already dropped hers a couple of times and its still 100%)
It also has a couple of  nifty design elements. The stylus is magnetic so it stays in its holder on the side of the pad. The battery compartment has its own locking system which means you don't need to hunt for a screwdriver every time you need to change the batteries and that will be often. 
You will need to buy a good set of NIMH rechargeable batteries. 
The LeapPad takes 4 AA size batteries at a time and the first couple of days my kids had there LeapPads I was changing the batteries every day, they have calmed down now and the batteries last 2 to 3 days now.  
I would also advise you don't change the batteries in front of your children as it will not take them long to figure out the lock, especially if you have a child like my son who is obsessed with taking the batteries out of everything in our house.

Design flaws: Sadly, left-handed children have not been taken into consideration here. The string, that attaches the stylus to the pad, is at the top right-hand corner and kind of gets in the way if the stylus is held in the left hand. This is not much of a problem with the Art Studio app, as the app flips 360 degrees depending on your rotation of the pad, BUT Pet Pad, which is pre-installed when you get your LeapPad, does not rotate. The app is based on your child "tracing" letters on the right side of the screen to teach their pet tricks. With my son being left-handed, I noticed that with his hand resting on the screen, the trace function is useless.  Considering , approximately 10 % of the world's population is left-handed, this should have been addressed appropriately.

The set up  is not a quick undertaking so you will definitely want to do this ahead of time.  LeapPad Step by Step Set up guide. I tried to set up the Connect software on my PC first and just could not get it to work, no matter what I tried I could not get it to see adobe flash player. So after hours of trawling the LeapFrog help pages to no avail gave up and tried installing on my laptop, which worked first time, I still have not figured out why it will not install on my PC but as soon as I can get it to work I will post it in trouble shooting. 

The initial set up took me about 45 mins with the first LeapPad and only 15 mins with the second, the reason for this is there is a hefty software update that downloads to your computer when you first set it up.

Four Free Apps are included when you buy your LeapPad.  Pet Pad comes pre loaded, Art Studio and Story Studio you download when you set up your LeapPad and you get to choose one app of your choice, off a very limited list, I chose the Sugar Bugs game for my daughter and Sing Along Read Along video for my son.  I can recommend Sugar Bugs but the Sing Along Read Along video has proven to be a flop with both my kids. 

You are meant to be able to install any app on 2 LeapPads at once but I don't know if this applies to the free app you get to choose as I have yet to manage to get it installed on to both LeapPads. I have put in a support ticket to LeapPad and as soon as I have a definite answer on this I will post.

I did manage to install Free alphabet stew app on both LeapPads without any problem. 

LeapPad's easy navigation makes it a breeze for kids to find there way around even if they are too young to read , as it has built-in voice prompts for everything.  
It took my youngest (3 1/2) only about 2 mins to master getting to his his favorite app
(Art Studio)  from turning the LeapPad on. 
My daughter (5 ) had mastered using all the functions by the first day. 

The touch screen can be a a little slow at times for impatient toddlers but if they were to have used state-of-the-art processors that would most definitely have pushed the price up on the LeapPad, I'm not so sure its a bad thing for them to have to wait a half second for something to happen as it gives them a little time to take in what they are doing.

The touch screen does come pre-calibrated  but if need be, you can re-callabrate in the Parent Settings. From here you can also remove the "child-focused" marketing videos, otherwise known as "sneak peeks". Do this immediately as most are advertising content that is unavailable in SA anyway.

The Camera & Video recorder are great and very easy to use,  the image quality is not great but is good enough for young kids who tend to be snap happy and the photo editing is great fun. The only thing I think they should have incorporated was a camera facing the child as well so it would be easier to take pics of themselves. Photos and videos can be printed off, shared on Facebook etc using the Connect software.

The app center disappointed me a little as until I bought the LeapPad and set it up, I had no idea that the content, we could download in SA, would be different from that on the main LeapFrog site. 
Turns out the download cards are location-specific, and at the moment South Africa does not have any Disney/Pixar downloads available, which means if you want "known" character content  you will need to buy imported download cards or buy the cartridge games.

Yesterday (7th Dec '11)  several new apps where added to our app center but still no Disney/Pixar content and we all know that's what we were expecting to be able to access when we bought LeapPads, I have put in a request to LeapFrog asking for more information on when this content will be available for South Africa, and will post as soon as I receive an answer. 

I also think they need to display how many download cards (which do not have an easily understood monetary value) you need to buy each app instead of a Dollar amount as that does not help, when deciding what apps you want or can afford. 
I have noticed some huge differences in the price of these cards from store to store, 
I have found this box of 2 cards :
Selling from R128 (which would indicate you are getting 2 cards worth $7.50 each) all the way up to R200 (which would indicate they are worth $12.50 each) But I very much doubt that is the case.
My best guess is these cards are worth $7.50 each as they all say you can download 1 or 2 apps with these cards and the average app price in the SA app Center is $7.50.
So keep that in mind when you buy these cards. 

Obviously if you are buying imported cards to gain assess to a larger selection of apps be aware there are also huge discrepancies in the prices some sellers will charge you for these; 
Anywhere from R200 to R400 for the very same cards that will still only get you 2 $7.50 apps .

My Kids have had their LeapPads for a week now and they love them, they feel very grown up having there own tablet computers and the great thing is they think they are just playing games but they are really learning,  We only have the apps that came with the leapPad and the free Alphabet stew app at the moment and this, I think, will last them a few months before we need to add to the collection as there is so much to do, which is a good thing considering the cartridge games cost from R200 upwards and "Leaplets" (download cards) from R128 for SA downloadable games. 

The learning path is a great function for us parents to keep tabs on what games our kids are playing, how there skill sets are improving, what we need to give them more help with.

Overall this is a great educational toy and I feel I received good value for money regarding the price and I'm happy that it will last my kids several years As they are only 5 and 3 1/2  at the moment.  I would recommend this to my friends and family as a good investment toy, even with the few problems I have encountered. 

The apps that Come with your LeapPad

When you buy your LeapPad you get 4 free apps included.

Pet pad 

Create a pet
You can choose a pre-made pet ( Cat, Pig, lima, rabbit, dog, sheep, dragon or monkey) or mix and match body parts to make something wonderfully wacky, choose its color and what sounds you want it to make.

Feed your pet
You need to feed your pet regularly to keep it happy (thankfully this pet is a lot less demanding than a tamagotchi)

Wash your Pet
You need to keep your pet clean as well by soaping, scrubbing, rinsing and drying it

Play Flingo with your pet
This is a cute little game where you have to launch your pet across a body of water and pop passing balloons.

Practice writing your alphabet 
If you want your pet to learn new tricks you need to write the letters of the alphabet correctly by tracing the dotted line on the screen, for each letter mastered your pet will preform a trick starting with that letter.
You can practice your upper and lower case alphabet while your pet gives you lots of encouragement, and praise for getting it right.

When you run out of shampoo and food  you need to connect your LeapPad to the computer to download more supplies, don't worry this does not cost anything your children earn tokens from playing the games and apps so you just trade the tokens for supplies.

Story studio - all about me

You create your own story books using a selection of themed template's; choose from 

  • My birthday (2 templates), 
  • My family (3 templates) 
  • My Favorite things (4 templates) 
  • My expressions (3 templates) 
  • When I grow up (6 templates) 
  • My friends (3 templates) 
  • My imagination (3 templates). 

You can add as many pages as you want to each story.
The templates incorporate photos, drawings and sound recordings
You can also share these story books with family on Facebook or print them out. using the Connect software.

Art studio

With art studio you can create masterpieces using a variety of drawing tools and stamps.
Then you can share with family on Facebook, by email or print them out and display around the house using the Connect software

Your 4th app is one of your choice from the list provided in the app center.

 Note : Sadly, left-handed children have not been taken into consideration . The string, that attaches the stylus to the pad, is at the top right-hand corner and kind of gets in the way if the stylus is held in the left hand. This is not much of a problem with the Art Studio app, as the app flips 360 degrees depending on your rotation of the pad, BUT Pet Pad, which is pre-installed when you get your LeapPad, does not rotate. The app is based on your child "tracing" letters on the right side of the screen to teach their pet tricks. With my son being left-handed, I noticed that with his hand resting on the screen, the trace function is useless.  Considering , approximately 10 % of the world's population is left-handed, this should have been addressed appropriately.

I have put in a support ticket regarding the left handed issue and will let you know if there is a fix as soon as i know.

Update : After receiving a response  from LeapFrog there is no fix to the Pet Pad issue.
This is so far the only App i have discovered with this problem but will update if i find more. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Free alphabet stew app download code for LeapPad

Free alphabet stew download 
code: 5813-0790-4610-4973 

This is a new code supplied by one of our readers.
I've checked it today 16th Dec 2012 and is working !

Enter the 16 digit code into your app centers redeem bonus code box.

Downloaded this for my kids, great little game.

Disney•Pixar Cars 2


Explore mathematics in The World Grand Prix with Mater and Lightning McQueen!

  • Cartridge game works with the Leapster Explorer™ and LeapPad™ Explorer systems (sold separately). 
  • Measure the correct distance to make a fantastic jump. 
  • Complete patterns to find clues or escape traps. 
  • Race as Lightning McQueen and see who's the fastest car. 
  • Teaches measurement, patterns, graphs, sequencing and problem-solving skills. Appropriate for children ages 4 to 7 years. 


Problem solving

Children use logical reasoning skills and investigate multiple possibilities to develop creative problem-solving strategies.


There are many different types of measurement that children need to learn: time, distance, temperature, volume and so on. Measurement has applications in many subjects, especially science.


Children learn to identify, compare and extend patterns such as those made from shapes, colors, numbers, or sounds.

Tables, charts and graphs

The ability to use graphical representation, such as tables, graphs, charts and grids, is important in solving and enjoying real-life math problems.

Best Price i have found this game for in SA is R219 Cars 2 -

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