Thursday, January 5, 2012

Metric or Imperial ??

When I was browsing  the South African app center  the other day, "LeapSchool: In the Kitchen with Hap!" caught my eye. 
This game teaches :

  • Counting
  • Measurement
  • Health & nutrition
  • Food facts

But just before I was about to download this game something occurred to me; nowhere does it state whether this game uses metric or imperial measurements.

A very important issue as I do not want to confuse my kids by teaching them the wrong system.

I have subsequently contacted the powers that be and below is their response

"  We use metric for non-US lines"
An example:
“Fill the bowl with strawberries until the needle of the scale points to 3 kilograms.”

(see 10 LF dollar game apps for more info on this and other game's.)

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