Saturday, January 21, 2012

A little something extra

I have added a couple of new features to LeapPad Owners SA.

A Readers Forum - Where you can Start your own topics,
( Please note : I am not limiting this forum to only LeapPad related topics, so feel free to discuss other toys etc )

A Gallery - For you to show off your kids LeapPad art or Photos
(Please note you will need to register to view or add to the Gallery )

I hope you will enjoy and make use of these little added extras.

Friday, January 20, 2012

2 New Video apps

2 new Word World Videos have been added to the SA app center Volume 15 and 16 .
Don't be puzzled there seems not to be a 14 ?!

Digging for Dinosaurs

Ages 5 to 8


Play games to learn fascinating facts about the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus and many other dinosaurs!
  • Learn how dinosaurs lived when they roamed the planet. 
  • Dig up dinosaur bones to see how each dinosaur was unique. 
  • Build skeletons for a Velociraptor, Triceratops and other dinosaurs to open a new exhibit in the museum. 
  • Teaches science concepts, dinosaur facts and logic and reasoning skills. 
  • Science concepts  - Children learn to consider scientific concepts within the domains of life science, physical science, and earth science.
  • Dinosaur facts - Basic facts about common dinosaurs, such as what they eat, where they lived and their physical characteristics.
  • Animal facts - Even very young children can begin to categorize animals by species, imitate their sounds and learn interesting facts about them.
  • Logic and reasoning - Logic and reasoning skills begin to develop at an early age and are used to solve problems and draw conclusions.
  • Problem solving - Children use logical reasoning skills and investigate multiple possibilities to develop creative problem-solving strategies.
  • Drawing conclusions - Children learn to use text, illustrations, and prior knowledge to draw conclusions and comprehend what they read.

The best price I've found this game for in SA is  R 456 (Shipping Included)  Digging for Dinosaurs - - US imports

Dora the Explorer

Ages 4 - 7 years


Bring faraway places to life with Dora the Explorer as you learn about the cultures, animals and landscapes of 4 different countries and expand your Spanish vocabulary.
  • • Learn about local animals, food, clothing, landscapes and more. 
  • • Travel the world and learn about the cultures of Egypt, China, Australia & Peru. 
  • • Learn the Spanish words for numbers, directions, shapes and colors. 
  • • Teaches Spanish vocabulary, social studies and culture and map skills. Appropriate for children ages 4 to 7 years (grades pre-K to 1).

  • Social studies and culture - Learning about the people and places in our world helps children to become global citizens.
  • Spanish vocabulary -  Children can build on the foundation of their first language and enhance cognitive development by learning the sounds and words of Spanish.
  • Map skills  - Children develop map skills by reading and drawing maps of familiar places and then using maps to locate places, measure distances, and compare regions.

The best price I've found this game for in SA is  R 314  (Shipping Included)  Dora the Explorer - - US imports

Scooby-Doo! Pirate Ghost of the Barbary Coast

Ages 4-7 Years


Uncover clues using logic and reasoning skills to help solve the mystery of the sea monster and pirate ghost who are haunting San Francisco!
  • Solve more than 50 logic & reasoning puzzles while exploring nutrition and food facts.
  • Collect hidden clues to solve the mystery (with three different endings!).
  • Splat monsters with pies to help Scooby-Doo escape danger!

  • NutritionUnderstanding of food groups helps children make smart choices concerning their health and nutrition. 
  • Cooking and experimenting with food also helps children develop their palate and appreciate where food comes from.
  • Problem-solving skills - Children learn to solve problems using strategies such as estimation, rounding, and counting.
  • Logic and reasoning skills - Logic and reasoning skills begin to develop at an early age and are used to solve problems and draw conclusions.
The best price I've found this game for in SA is  R 325 (Shipping Included)  Scooby Doo - - US imports

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Suggestion box !!

I would love to know, what you would like to see on LeapPad Owners SA. 

Please add your suggestions in the comment Box below 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tinkerbell and the lost Treasure review

My nephew bought this game for my daughter (5) for Christmas.
It was my first choice for her. She had started to learn basic addition and subtraction last year in Grade 0 and was showing a lot of interest in maths, added to which she loves TinkerBell.

This game, however, has proven difficult for me to review as I keep swinging from loving it to hating it and back again. 

What finally tipped the scale in favour of this game is that my daughter loves it and she has made amazing advances in her maths skills in a very short space of time. 

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