Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Cartridge games available as apps, SA app center

These games cost 25 LF Dollars each approx R215.

LeapSchool Reading  (Important this is the same as the cartridge game)

 age : 4 to 7 years


Meet the kids from the coolest school in the world in this fun reading adventure!

  • Complete quests and treasure hunts while building reading skills in 26 games.
  • Guide characters to the word with the correct spelling.
  • Help each of your friends build a yearbook page.
  • Teaches early reading skills, spelling and logic skills. 


Reading skills 

Reading is a process that involves decoding series of letters into words to understand meaning.


As understanding of the spelling system grows, children move from using 1-2 letter spellings (D for dog, or CT for cat), to adding vowel sounds, and eventually spelling words with less predictable patterns.


Logic and reasoning skills begin to develop at an early age and are used to solve problems and draw

Best Price I've found this game for in SA is R199 Leap school reading - takealot.com


Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg  (Important this is the same as the cartridge game)

Recommended age : 4 to 7 years


Learn how to write letters and numbers and create art as you help Mr. Pencil and his friends save the town!

  • Help save the town by writing letters and drawing lines, shapes and objects. 
  • Create your own art using cool tools, colors, filters, stamps and effects. 
  • Become an animator by creating your own flip book. 
  • Teaches letter writing, number writing, shapes and art and drawing. 


Number writing

Children learn to write numbers using proper stroke order.

Letter writing

Children use knowledge of letter names and shapes to write both uppercase and lowercase letters.


Children learn to recognize the defining properties of shapes (such as a square having four sides of equal length and a triangle having three sides) and identify them in different rotations.

Art and drawing 

As they draw, children develop spatial reasoning, visual acuity, and hand control, which later helps them write letters.


Pet Pals 2: Best of Friends  (Important this is the same as the cartridge game)

Recommended age : 4 to 7 years 


Explore emotions and responsibility as you adopt and take care of your very own puppy!

  • Give your furry friend treats, toys and teach it tricks. 
  • Use mathematics skills to win the dog show. 
  • Explore a town full of fun surprises. 
  • Teaches emotions, responsibility, numbers, counting, addition and subtraction. 


Children learn to notice and communicate their feelings and gradually become aware of others' emotions.

Responsibility and following directions

Children learn to comprehend and follow multiple-step directions.


Children learn to count and compare sets of objects and identify numbers as standing for specific quantities.


Children learn to count and compare sets of objects.


Children learn to add, sometimes with objects, and sometimes with symbolic equations such as 4 + 3 = __.


Children learn to subtract quantities from each other - with objects or symbols such as            4 - 3 = __.


Globe: Earth Adventures  (Important this is the same as the cartridge game)

Recommended age : 4 to 7 years 


Get ready for an interactive adventure as you take your airplane around the globe to complete missions, find treasure and learn about geography, cultures and more!

  • Expand your knowledge of animals, geography, cultural facts, map skills and more. 
  • Play games that use actual photos of locations, animals and landmarks around the world. 
  • Collect Adventure Cards to unlock new, more difficult missions. 
  • Teaches geography, world culture, map skills and animal facts. 



Children may begin by learning about people and animals from different regions and eventually use geography as a tool to understand places, cultures, and the world in spatial terms.

Map skills

Children develop map skills by reading and drawing maps of familiar places and then using maps to locate places, measure distances, and compare regions.

World culture

Learning about the people and places in our world helps children to become global citizens.

Animal facts

Even very young children can begin to categorize animals by species, imitate their sounds and learn interesting facts about them.


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