Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rewards Revamp

Yesterday I was finally able to retrieve reward's again. 
It looks like the issues. We have all been having with being unable to connect to the rewards screen to get treats and micromods was because they were updating the interface.
I must say this new rewards screen is much better than the last one and seems to load considerably faster. 

I just wish LeapFrog had let us know what was going on as it would of saved a lot of parental frustration, and no doubt several thousand emails from disgruntled parents who where left in the dark yet again. 

Great news for left handed kids !

If like me you have a left handed child, I'm sure you were a Little disappointed that Leapfrog had disregarded our children when designing the Pet Pad app.

My Son a Lefty was frustrated by the screen setup being orientated to the right, Making it very awkward to trace the alphabet letters without touching the rest of the screen.

Well Leapfrog has finally rectified this issue, with its latest update.
Now when you enter this part of the Pet Pad app you can select to orientate the screen for left handed children

If you do not yet have this option, just connect your LeapPad to the connect software and check for updates.
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