Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review of LeapPads Sugar Bugs App

Sugar Bugs is one of the apps on the list for your free download when you first set up your LeapPad.

It is also available,to buy, in the SA app store. 

I chose this app for my 5 year old daughter, and she loves this game. 

The Aim of the game is to use the correct tools in the correct way and in the correct order to clean each mouth's teeth before the music ends (approx 2 mins the correct length of time you should spend cleaning your teeth) 

The game starts off very simply with only a few stains and a toothbrush, each level increases in difficulty and amount of tools needed to clean the mouth until you have use of all five tools.  

The tools

The Toothbrush, removes the stains from the teeth. You have to use a scrubbing motion to clean the teeth with your stylus. 

The Suction tool, Sucks the sugar bugs off the teeth. You have to place your stylus on the bug and drag it away. 

The toothpick removes green bits of food from between the teeth. You have to tap your stylus on each piece of food to remove it. 

The dental floss removes the plaque from between the teeth. You need to move your stylus in an up and down motion over it until it disappears. 

The fluoride spray weakens the stains, Sugar Bugs, plaque and lumps of food. You touch your stylus on each thing you want to weaken before using the other tools to remove them completely, which requires less time per action thanks to the spray - a good thing when progressing to higher levels where the mouths are pretty gross.


This game teaches not only dental hygiene, but memory and sequencing. 

The game explains what each tool removes and how to use it only once, when you first gain access to that tool. Then your child has to remember for themselves.

I noticed my daughter always removes the Sugar Bugs first, then the stuck food and plaque and lastly the stains. I did ask her why and she said, "the bugs get in the way". 

I have since played this game myself testing out different sequences and lo and behold my daughter has discovered the most effective sequence to get the teeth clean. 

Final thoughts 

This game is great fun and the Sugar bugs song is very catchy,  I've even caught myself singing it in my head when cleaning my teeth, which reminds me you can play just the song when your children are brushing their teeth to make sure they brush for the full 2 minutes they are meant to. 

I would say this is a must-have app for your LeapPad.

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