Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to buy games from the app center

Have you:
  • Got your connect software installed?
  • Set up your parent account?
  • Created you children's profiles?
If not, go to LeapPad set up guide. first. 

You will need your 16 digit download-card code or bonus code at hand. 
If you need to buy cards, you can buy them from - use the quick links at the left side of the page.You can request that they email you the code so you don't have to pay or hang around for shipping.

  • Launch the connect software.
  • Select the device (If you only have a LeapPad it is the default device) Select a child's profile, which does not matter as the app's will show in each child's library anyway (remember an app can be on 2 devices at a time) 
  • Select the App Center tab on the left

  • Check you are in the correct country's app store we are "Other Country's" 
  • If you have bought an imported download card select the country of origin your card came from.
  • Depending on which download card you have bought see Download cards mystery solved  This will determine how many LF dollars you can spend. 
  • Brows the apps and put the ones you want in your shopping cart
  • When you are ready to check out press the check out button. 
  • You will be prompted to enter the email and password you used to open your parent account 
  • You will be prompted to enter your 16 digit download card code and again select the country of origin.
  • Press the redeem button and you LF dollars will be credited to your account and you can continue the checkout. 
  • Your apps will download to your computer and once finished will show in your children's app library ready to install on you leapPad next time you sync it with your computer. 
  • Don't forget to keep a copy of you app store receipt - just in case you lose you apps and need to re-install them.

I personally prefer to credit my account with LF dollars as soon as I receive my code so I don't misplace it and then I can shop when I have the time.
I also prefer to buy apps without a leapPad attached to my computer. This way I avoid any potential problems with apps not showing up in both of my children's libraries, as I have had a problem with that before. 

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