Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Just for Fun

These apps cost 10 LF Dollers - Aprox R86


Kidz Bop Greatest Hits 

  1. All Star
  2. Bad Day
  3. Get the Party Started
  4. Hey There Delilah
  5. Let's Get it Started
  6. Pocketful of Sunshine
  7. Since U Been Gone
  8. Sk8ter Boi
  9. The Sweet Escape
  10. Umbrella
  11. Hey Ya!

How to fix a non-responsive touch screen.

My heart stopped this morning. My daughter turned on her LeapPad and the touch screen was totally non responsive!

Thankfully, it turns out, this is a very easy fix.

Try this first :Turn off the LeapPad, make sure your screen is clean and pay careful attention to the small gap around the edge, where it meets the body of the LeapPad.

All it takes is a small crumb to become lodged there and it will freeze the touch screen, I used a slim toothpick to gently remove a crumb of Oatee from my daughter's LeapPad this morning.

Once your happy everything is clean and free of any crumbs turn The LeapPad on your screen should be working again.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review of Pet Pals: Dog Show Detectives Ultra eBook Adventure Builder

Recommended age : 4 - 7 years 

This is one of the 3 Ultra eBooks currently available in the South African App Center. It costs 20 LF dollars.  (Download-cards-mystery-solved
(R172 if you buy your download cards from takealot.com)
Sounds like a lot for an eBook but this is not just any eBook this really lives up to the name, "Ultra" !

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