Thursday, December 20, 2012

How to save your LeapPad from a watery grave!

Last week my youngest's  LeapPad somehow ended up in a full sink of hot soapy dish water.

We are not quite sure how long it had been in there but by the time my hubby noticed it was in there it was well and truly soaked.

My first thought was .... "well that's the end of that".

But I had to at least try and save this most loved possession.

With no time to wast I drained as much water out as I could and then set to work dismantling it .

I suggest watching this to aid in dismantling.


Once I had it in pieces I used kitchen towel to dry everything as much as I could very carefully, as not to damage anything.

Next step was a large bowl and Lots and lots of uncooked rice.

Completely cover and pack rice very carefully, everywhere you can get it.
Put you bowl of rice a la LeapPad in a cupboard and forget about it for a couple of days.

After at least 48 hour, carefully remove all the rice and reassemble the LeapPad .
If you are lucky, as I was, it will spring back to life.

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