Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Download card's Mystery solved

I am very sure I have not been the only parent trying to get to grips with the exact value of the Leapfrog download cards. As we fall in to the "Other Countries" heading in the App Center, and the cards being sold in the shops have no displayed value, it can be hard to gauge exactly what you will be getting for your Buck.

Thanks to the amazing staff at Take a lot .com  I can now answer this question.

The Download card,  that looks like this, is worth 20 LeapFrog Dollers. So you will need 1 of these to download an Ultra eBook for example. Or you can buy a few cheaper  apps. 

That is the best price I have found in SA.
(They have stock right now and if you ask nicely they will email you the code so you don't have to wait)

Now the Cards that look like this, are a little different; they don't have a precise LeapFrog dollar amount as such but this 2-card pack will get you 1 or 2 downloads. LeapFrog are a little vague on which apps are covered . Follow the link to LeapFrogs info Page and you will see what I mean. 

That is the best price I have found in SA.

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