Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure glitch fix.

My Daughter received Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure  for  Christmas from an overseas relative. 
When she started to play I discovered there was a problem with the game. She was very disappointed as there was no way to return the faulty game.  

Luckily it turns out this problem is not with the Cartridge, but with the Skill selected content and is very easily fixed. 

Our Glitch was located when Tink has to make the Autumn Sceptre. 
The question screen should look like the top image a 2 numbered equation where you have to scroll up or down to select the correct answer .

Our Question screen looked like the bottom image 2 blank spaces with only the scrolling answer selector showing. Which meant you could only guess at the answer, as you had no way to know what the equation  was meant to be. 

If you are having a similar problem try the Fix before you rushing to return a perfectly good game. 

The fix

Remove your installed skill sets, and re-install them  

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