Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wolverine and the X-Men


Customize the learning with over 12,000 spelling words, then help Wolverine on his mission to reunite the X-Men team and save mutant-kind!

  • Cartridge game works with the Leapster Explorer™ and LeapPad™ Explorer systems (sold separately). 
  • Create your own spelling list with the words you need for school. 
  • As you play, earn tokens to download new gear for Wolverine. 
  • Use letter skills and vowel know-how to battle your way through eight action-packed levels that take you to four locations. 
  • Teaches letters, word building, phonics skills and spelling. Appropriate for children ages 5 to 9 years (grades K to 3). 



Children who can recognize letters with confidence have an easier time learning letter sounds and word spellings.

Word building

As children put together letters to make words, they learn how even small changes (changing mat to man to can) result in completely new words.

Phonics skills

To read independently, children must understand the relationship between the sounds in spoken words and the letters that represent those sounds.

Spelling As understanding of the spelling system grows, children move from using 1-2 letter spellings (D for dog, or CT for cat), to adding vowel sounds, and eventually spelling words with less predictable patterns.

Best Price I've found this game for in SA is R229 Wolverine-and-the-x-men - takealot.com

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