Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Sneak peeks" = Nagging kids

What i am about to tell you, will save you from nagging and or disappointed children. 

When you revive your LeapPad there is a icon named "Sneak peeks" located dead center of the main menu screen.  
Your child will find this ! and when launched it will display a list of game and app trailers that your child can view. 

I have a sneaky suspicion that a good chunk of that first update download is a whole bunch of new up to date ad's to incite our kids into nagging us in till we get the new game they have just seen. 

Apart from the nagging us parents dread, there is another reason South African Parents will want to disable this feature as soon as you get the LeapPad, several of the trailers are for content we can not access in SA like the Disney Cinderella Ultra eBook 

Which my 5 year old daughter now wants "Soooooooooooo much".

I only found out after my daughter watched the "Sneak peeks" that they could be disabled after doing a Google it.  

All you need to do is access the  Parent Settings and turn off the "Sneak peeks"

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