Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Disney Tangled game


Customize the learning with over 12,000 spelling words, then join Rapunzel and Flynn on a hair-raising adventure!

  • Cartridge game works with the Leapster Explorer™ and LeapPad™ Explorer systems. (Systems sold separately). 
  • Create your own spelling list in the Spelling Garden game using the words you need for school. 
  • Unscramble words to fix the store signs in the village. 
  • Match words to pictures to help Rapunzel get through the forest. 
  • Teaches spelling, reading skills, vocabulary skills and creative expression. Appropriate for children ages 4 to 7 years (grades pre-K to 1). 


Reading Fluency

Fluency is a reading term that means a child can recognize common words at a glance, and can read in meaningful chunks, or phrases, rather than reading one word at a time. Fluency contributes to the reader's enjoyment and comprehension of books.

Listening and Reading Comprehension

As children develop comprehension of books read aloud or independently, they explore the uses and functions of written language. They begin to construct meaning, eventually applying critical skills to make inferences and draw conclusions.

Best price Ive found this game for in SA is R199 Disney Tangled - takealot.com

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